Baby Animals in Spring: Help or Walk Away?

Young animals in the spring time.

Spring has sprung, which means the days are longer and everything is blooming. Birds are singing, buds are bursting, leaves are unfolding, bees and butterflies are pollinating and many wildlife species are busy tending to their newly-born offspring. In the coming days and weeks, you may notice young animals who seem to be alone or…

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Investing in Our Public Lands, Waters and Outdoor Heritage

Ladies Kayaking on publics waters

In this National Wildlife Federation guest blog, NCWF CEO Tim Gestwicki writes about the importance of permanent funding for public lands, and the outdoorsmen and women who make it their mission to leave public lands in better condition than when they found them. The foot soldiers of the conservation movement in North Carolina — and…

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Trees4Trash: New program takes action on behalf of wildlife and habitats

We’ve all seen online videos showing heroic people saving wildlife from being entangled, impaled, and strangled by plastic bags, six-pack rings, straws, and other trash. We’ve watched our streams and creeks collect debris and become coffee-like, thick from development runoff. And we’ve witnessed wildlife lose their habitat as acres of trees are cut down for…

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Tips to Prevent Window Collisions for Birds

How can you avoid that familiar, unpleasant sound of a bird accidentally crashing into your window or sliding glass door? American Birds Conservancy estimates that window/door collisions kill more than 365 million birds annually in the United States. Here are a few simple changes that you can make in your own home to help the…

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Deer Hunting and Processing Seminars Offered in Raleigh, Fayetteville

The N.C. Wildlife Resources Commission and the N.C. Wildlife Federation will offer eight free deer hunting and processing seminars in Raleigh and Fayetteville in September and October. The “Introduction to Deer Hunting” and the “Practical Deer Processing: From Field to Freezer” seminars are intended for individuals who have never hunted or are new to hunting.…

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