Butterfly Highway Pollinator Pitstop Seeds

Check back in late September to purchase Butterfly Highway seeds.  This is the time that  native perennial seeds should be planted.  

The Butterfly Highway is proud to offer our very own custom pollinator friendly seed mixes. Ernst Conservation Seeds has helped us to create a set of seed mixes to that can be used to enhance areas from backyard gardens to large meadow spaces using plants native to North Carolina.

This mix contains mostly NC native perennial plant seeds, which are best planted September to December. Seed mix varies based on availability but may contain plants listed below.


  • Common yarrow
  • Common milkweed
  • Butterfly milkweed
  • Smooth blue aster
  • Greater tickseed
  • Whorled tickseed
  • Purple coneflower
  • Joe Pye Weed
  • Oxeye sunflower
  • Blazing star/Spiked gay feather
  • Wild bergamot
  • Blackeyed susan
  • Roughleaf goldenrod
  • Ohio spiderwort
  • New York Ironweed (from the ‘Suther’ Prairie in NC)
  • Goldenmane tickseed


  • Indian blanket
  • Partridge pea
  • Crimson clover

Please contact Angel Hjarding if you would like information about custom seed for large projects.


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