NCWF Annual Wildlife Photography Contest

Calling all amateur photographers!

North Carolina Wildlife Federation Annual Wildlife Photography Contest runs in the Spring each year.

Did you catch a monarch butterfly emerging from its chrysalis or an osprey diving in the water to catch its meal? How about a memorable sunset vista from the mountains or a picturesque sunrise on the Outer Banks? Submit these photos to share with North Carolinians and be one of three winners in our wildlife photography contest.

Images should highlight the beauty of North Carolina's nature and wildlife- in your own backyard or the larger backyard of North Carolina's natural landscapes and creatures. Categories include "Carolina Critters", "Scenes of North Carolina", and "People in Nature".

Are you under the age of 18 and enjoy taking photos of wildlife and the outdoors? Consider submitting your photos in one of the above categories and you have a chance of winning as a youth photographer!


Carolina Critters


Did you catch that osprey diving near the water to find its meal on film? How about the shy deer venturing out in the field to graze? A turkey? A monarch butterfly emerging from its chrysalis? Or those snow geese gracefully taking pit stops on the Albemarle Peninsula? Enter any of these pictures (or something of the sort) in the Carolina Critters category.

People in Nature

Ladies Kayaking on publics waters

Whether you prefer to birdwatch on a hike in the mountains, kayak through the rivers, or search for shells on our shores, North Carolinians enjoy nature every day by exploring their diverse, beautiful surroundings. Did you capture a moment on camera of your child canoeing for the first time or an image of your spouse observing a creek for some salamanders? Submit these photos of family and friends enjoying their natural surroundings in the People in Nature category. 

Scenes of North Carolina

iStock.13738232.smokeys in fog

Maybe you're more into capturing those gorgeous NC sunrises on the outer banks or sunsets in the mountains? Or perhaps you find the early morning dew on an open field worth photographing. You might find the placement of rocks in one of NC's many rivers to be the best photographic moment you've ever seen. These scenes (and many others) found in the beauty of NC's landscapes can be entered in the Scenes of North Carolina category.