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Saving the Wild South with Author Georgann Eubanks

NCWF's Island Wildlife - Cape Fear Region chapter hosts Georgann Eubanks, a writer, teacher, and consultant to nonprofit groups across the country. She is the director of the Table Rock Writers Workshop, a founder of the North Carolina Writers' Network, and a past chair of the North Carolina Humanities Council. Eubanks lives in Carrboro, N.C.

Why should we care, Eubanks asks, about North Carolina’s Yadkin River goldenrod, found only in one place on earth? Or the Alabama canebrake pitcher plant, a carnivorous marvel being decimated by criminal poaching and a booming black market? These plants, she argues, are important not only to the natural environment but also to southern identity, and she finds her inspiration in talking with the heroes—the botanists, advocates, and conservationists young and old—on a quest to save these green gifts of the South for future generations. These passionate plant lovers caution all of us not to take for granted the sensitive ecosystems that contribute to the region’s long-standing appeal, beauty, and character."

Urban Wildlife

The Charlotte Wildlife Stewards chapter of NCWF hosts a conversation about urban wildlife with Mecklenburg County Environmental Educator and wildlife enthusiast, Marvin Bouknight.

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Oaks: The MVP of Native Trees

The mighty oak tree took center stage during Dr. Doug Tallamy’s presentation at our annual meeting on Big Tent Conservation. The author spoke about “one of the most important species of the plant kingdom,” including seasonal cycles, the wildlife they sustain, advice for planting and caring for oaks, and why we need to nurture and protect our “most essential native trees.” A professor at the University of Delaware’s Entomology and Wildlife Ecology department, Dr. Tallamy has taught courses in insect taxonomy, behavioral ecology, humans and nature. He’s authored 85 research articles and several books, including the award-winning Nature’s Best Hope, The Living Landscape and The Nature of Oaks.

Introduction to Eastern Bluebirds and Their Nesting Habitat

Eastern bluebirds are a favorite in North Carolina backyards and natural areas. Join the Charlotte Wildlife Stewards chapter of the NC Wildlife Federation as they host Martina Nordstrand, an aspiring ornithologist who has traveled the country specifically to add to her life list of birds and to photograph them. Martina's "life list" tops 500 birds, which is quite a feat for any birder! You will be delighted by her informative and engaging presentation.

Hummingbirds in North Carolina

Susan Campbell has been involved in research and education with a primary focus on birds for over twenty years. She has been the leading hummingbird researcher in North Carolina since 1999, banding over five thousand hummingbirds across the state. The majority of those have been Ruby-throated but over three hundred have been western species. Investigating wintering hummingbirds has been a particular interest since her early days as a staff member at the NC Museum of Natural Sciences in the early 1990s. In addition to being a Research Affiliate with the Museum, she is a Seasonal Naturalist for North Carolina State Parks. Susan is involved with research, education and outreach at Weymouth Woods Sandhills Nature Preserve and a regular contributor to The Pilot newspaper and the Pine Straw and O Henry magazines, published in the Sandhills.

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