About NCWF

Since 1945, North Carolina Wildlife Federation has worked for all wildlife and habitat bringing together citizens, outdoor enthusiasts, hunters and anglers, government and industry to protect North Carolina’s natural resources. From the Great Smoky Mountains to the Outer Banks, our non-profit 501c3 organization is made up of people who value wildlife and wild places and the many ways to enjoy them.

Engaging the natural world is a cornerstone of NCWF history and philosophy. Supporting access to wild places and opportunities to enjoy them is a defining feature of our organization. We work collectively for the places and species that have no voice through our policy and protection work, research and education and direct hands-on conservation projects.

All our policy decisions and conservation projects are based on the best available science and fortified by a network representing a variety of wildlife and outdoor interests.

Our strength is derived from values-driven leadership:

  • Science-based decision making
  • Non-partisan approach to policy
  • Stewardship of North Carolina’s natural resources
  • Inclusivity of broad wildlife interests and perspectives
  • Partnering with organizations and individuals who share our vision and our passion for wildlife


To protect, conserve and restore North Carolina wildlife and habitat.


Our stewardship will result in a North Carolina with bountiful and diverse wildlife, including all species of wild flora and fauna, that is valued by its citizens and elected officials, and sustainably managed for future generations.


  • Policy and Protection - Strongly influence state and federal policy that affects wildlife and habitat in North Carolina using established conservation models to guide our positions.
  • Network of Impact and Involvement - Foster a diverse, robust network of chapters, members and affiliates – a network fortified by a variety of wildlife and outdoor interests.
  • Experience and Learn - Enhance and expand opportunities for youth and adults that foster awareness and appreciation of wildlife and the important role healthy habitat plays in sustaining wildlife and humanity.
  • Signature Programs - Sponsor and support programs for the enjoyment and conservation of wildlife and habitat, including ethical and sustainable outdoor recreation pursuits.

Inclusion, Diversity, Equity and Awareness

NCWF is committed fully to building our conservation army to represent and include all. To that end, we have a board and staff committee that  creates and implements policies, programs and best management practices designed to improve the organization’s awareness of diversity, equity, and inclusion as issues that permeate society.  Our informed and aware actions will help us embrace diversity, equity, and inclusion as core organizational values, striving for them in practice.  By doing so, we will greatly enhance our ability to foster all people of North Carolina to be enthusiastic and resolute protectors and advocates for habitat and wildlife.

Privacy Policy

All information NCWF collects is the sole proprietary property of NCWF and is used only by NCWF for their intended purpose(s). We do not share, sell or rent this information to any outside organization or other entity.

Support the North Carolina Wildlife Federation

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