Your Backyard

The Problem

Habitat Destruction, Fragmentation, and Degradation Can Harm Wildlife

Land is where conservation starts. Every acre matters, which is why North Carolina Wildlife Federation’s land stewardship projects are diverse and far-reaching – from landscape-scale planning for large public holdings to backyard habitat improvements for homeowners – schools, places of worship, workplaces, farmland, and even median strips can provide food, shelter, and places for wildlife to raise their young.

Habitat loss is one of the leading causes of species decline today. All habitats, regardless of size, are essential to the survival of native wildlife. We can all take small steps in our daily lives to make a positive impact on our local environment. By providing food, water, cover and places to raise young, you can help to restore and enhance wildlife habitat in your community.

Songbirds, butterflies, dragonflies and game species such as deer, quail and turkey will make their home on your property, or find refuge there during migration. Depending on where you live and what your objectives are, by gardening for wildlife, you can help make a difference.

The Solution

Garden for Wildlife Saves Habitat and Wildlife

Learn about the Garden for Wildlife programs and join the community making a difference for wildlife and their habitats in North Carolina.

Garden for Wildlife Programs

What We're Doing

Create a Habitat in Your Backyard

Why Create a Habitat?

  • Wise planting reduces home energy costs.
  • Improves water quality, filters pollutants, curbs water usage and minimizes water bills.
  • Helps control soil erosion.
  • Planting native wildflowers and shrubs reduces area to mow while attracting wildlife.
  • Serves as an area to enjoy nature and observe wildlife.
  • Creating a wildlife habitat may increase your property value.

How You Can Help

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