Deer Donation Program

NC Wildlife Federation’s Deer Donation Program brings together landowners, sportsmen, sportswomen, and community groups to sustainably manage white-tailed deer, reduce deer damage to crops, increase local farm revenue and provide hunter-harvested venison to local food banks and shelters.

High numbers of deer can contribute to excessive crop loss on farms, the spread of disease within deer populations and deer-vehicle collisions. With assistance from farmers, hunters, hunt clubs, civic organizations, church ministry groups and businesses, the Deer Donation Program, in collaboration with our affiliate, NC Hunters for the Hungry, supports deer management, donates about 60,000 pounds of venison each year to feed the hungry in NC communities and serves as a model for farmers and communities across the state struggling with an overabundance of deer.

Why Participate? 

  • To ensure healthy deer populations for the future
  • Support sustainable use of a natural resource
  • Assist with the reduction of crop damage on farms
  • Support individuals and families suffering from food insecurity
  • Build community relations through giving back

How to Help? 

  • Spread the word in your local community
  • Host a community fundraiser for the program
  • Operate a community deer donation site
  • Donate legally harvested deer free and easily at participating sites
  • Organize a local hunt to collect deer donations for the program
  • Provide access to land for organized hunting opportunities

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Why Deer Management is Important

Deer Donation Sites, Mobile Coolers and Related Links

Mobile Deer Cooler

Qualified organizations and hunting groups may reserve a 12’ x 6’ mobile walk-in cooler at no charge and use this cooler to collect, cool and transport harvested deer to the nearest NC Hunters for the Hungry processor. The processed venison will then be distributed to local area non-profit food distribution networks to ensure the venison is donated back to the community.

NCWRC Cooler Request

For more information, contact NCWF Wildlife Resource Director Dr. Liz Rutledge [email protected] or (919) 833-1923.

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