North Carolina Camouflage Coalition

North Carolina Camouflage Coalition is an online network of North Carolina sportsmen and women who monitor and act on issues that affect hunting, fishing and conservation on a local, state and national level.

The coalition membership – comprised of hunters and anglers who see themselves as committed and effective voices for conservation – helps protect the sporting heritage by ensuring sound management of our state’s natural resources.

The mission of the Camouflage Coalition is to form an overlying bridge across all sporting groups. The ranks of hunters and anglers in North Carolina number in the millions. United, we are invincible; splintered, we are vulnerable.

For more information about North Carolina Camouflage Coalition, contact the Camouflage Coalition coordinator, at [email protected] or (919) 833-1923.

Who We Are and What We Do

The purpose of the Camouflage Coalition is to organize hunters and anglers to act quickly when issues arise that affect hunting and fishing. Members receive critical information online about legislation and policy changes that could affect wildlife management and outdoor recreation in North Carolina.

As our state population grows, it is critical that the heritage of hunting and fishing remain strong. We give you the facts, figures and access needed to address the issues that matter to hunting and fishing. We inform members about issues and make it easy for them to quickly and effectively speak-up for hunting and fishing interests in North Carolina.

Using simple and straightforward online tools, members can easily voice their concerns to their elected representatives. We enroll hunters and anglers who share concerns about the future of hunting and fishing. Membership in the North Carolina Camouflage Coalition is free, but the impact of your voice in determining the future of hunting and fishing in the state is invaluable.

Camouflage Coalition members receive:

  • E-mail Action Alerts specifically designed to inform sportsmen and women of legislative and regulatory proposals by state and national agencies and organizations that may benefit or harm programs related to hunting, fishing and conservation in North Carolina.
  • Educational materials about statewide events that relate to hunting, fishing and conservation issues.
  • Fast and easy ways to contact specific legislators, elected officials and regulatory agencies about issues of concern. In addition, whenever issues arise at the North Carolina General Assembly involving hunting, fishing and conservation, Camouflage Coalition Coordinator Richard B. Hamilton represents the coalition’s interests.

Support the Camouflage Coalition

The Camo Coalition does not distract from existing sporting groups; rather, it fortifies and unites these diverse groups into one strong voice to support, defend and protect our hunting and fishing heritage.

Gifts and donations to the Camouflage Coalition are tax deductible and will be used exclusively by NCWF to support the Camo Coalition.

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