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Photo by: Steve Genkins

Habitat Enhancement and Environmental Education Reaps Rewards

June 17, 2021
Native Flower Bed in a Certified Wildlife Habitat

The need for habitat restoration and enhancement in North Carolina is a constant with population growth and rapid development of the state’s forested land. Gardening for wildlife in our backyards…

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Positive Change Can Start With One Person

May 7, 2021

Charlotte resident, Bill Staton, used to see a man with his dog on their daily walks, picking up trash. “He never made a fuss about it; just did it,” Bill…

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Wildlife Species are at Risk of Extinction in NC. Here’s How We Can Save Them.

May 5, 2021
NC Species Facing Extinction

Since the pandemic began, North Carolinians have turned to nature for rejuvenation and recreation. This has given more North Carolinians than ever a firsthand look at our state’s remarkable ecological…

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North Carolina’s Marine Fisheries are Failing

May 5, 2021
North Carolina Marine Fisheries

Historically, North Carolina’s sounds and estuaries were highly productive nursery areas that provided vital habitat to juvenile fish before they mature and have an opportunity to spawn and reproduce which…

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NCWF Neighborhood Cleanup Challenge: May 8th – 16th

April 27, 2021
Join a North Carolina Wildlife Federation Community Chapter

Register Today!   North Carolina Wildlife Federation will host a statewide Neighborhood Cleanup Challenge to encourage residents to help wildlife, waterways, and habitats by removing trash from NC neighborhoods. This…

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Growing Minds: Millbrook Students Get Outside and Restore Habitat on Campus  

April 26, 2021
Millbrook Students Get Outside and Restore Habitat on Campus 

Students at Millbrook Environmental Connections Magnet in Raleigh are restoring habitat and on their 17-acre campus – one garlic onion at a time. Nestled just east of Falls of Neuse,…

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Preparing Bluebird Boxes for Spring

January 29, 2021
Preparing Bluebird Boxes for Spring

Many bird species are beginning to scout potential nesting sites for the approaching breeding season. That means that now is the time to erect new nest boxes or tidy up…

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One Mission, One Commission: 6 reasons N.C. needs a united fish and wildlife agency

November 19, 2020
NC needs a united fish and wildlife agency.

Efficiency and science-based management are critical aspects of any professional natural resource management program. North Carolina has two agencies with this responsibility, the North Carolina Wildlife Resource Commission (WRC) and Division…

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The North Carolina Pollinator Conservation Alliance works together for butterflies and bees

November 16, 2020
NC Pollinator Conservation Alliance

The importance of pollinators to our food supply and natural ecosystems has received intense national attention in recent years. Pollinators are declining at alarming rates across most of the nation,…

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Climate change in NC: The time to act is now

October 27, 2020

From the majestic swoop of a bald eagle clutching a fish in its talons to the awe-inspiring Great Smoky Mountains, nature is amazing and inspirational. Nature can be devastating as…

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