Conservation Priorities

Land and Water Conservation

NCWF works for land and water conservation whether it takes the form of public acquisitions of gamelands or support of wildlife habitat initiatives on private lands. Forest or field, public or private, high country or cypress-ringed swamp, land is where conservation starts for wildlife.

Every acre matters, which is why NCWF's work on behalf of land stewardship encompasses projects as diverse as landscape-scale planning for large public holdings to backyard habitat improvements for homeowners. Conservation of all wildlife species in North Carolina ultimately depends on habitat as the solution. Thus, increasing public land and water conservation will remain a top priority and this means investments.

Advocating for robust and stable funding in North Carolina’s Clean Water Management Trust Fund, Farmland Preservation Trust Fund and NC Parks and Recreation Trust Fund is at the top of the list for increasing conservation of wildlife habitat. NCWF also is a proud partner of Land4Tommorrow.

In addition, the Land and Water Conservation Fund (LWCF) is the federal program NCWF works with the NC delegation to conserve irreplaceable lands and improve outdoor recreation opportunities throughout the nation. The program works in partnership with state and local efforts to acquire and protect inholdings and expansions in our national parks, national wildlife refuges, national forests and national trails.

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