Remembering Dale Mosteller, NCWF Board Member and Champion for Wildlife

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NCWF is saddened to report that Dale Mosteller, of Lincolnton, North Carolina, passed away earlier this year.

Mosteller was a stalwart Federation board member and board officer, and a longtime member of and leader for the Lincolnton Sportsman Club. He served on the NCWF board of directors for nearly 20 years, and served as president of the Federation board from 1998 to 2000. He was named 1993 Sportsman of the Year in the Governor’s Conservation Achievement Awards program.

“I’ve worked with Dale going all the way back to 1991,” recalls Tim Gestwicki, NCWF CEO. “He was always asking what he and the board could be doing for the Federation and for Federation staff–never what we should be doing. He was a huge champion for this organization, and was beloved by staff and other board members across his nearly two decades of service.”

NCWF conservation editor T. Edward Nickens remembers Mosteller as kind and cheerful and committed to deepening personal relationships with those in the NCWF family. “When my son, Jack, was little, Dale gave him a tanned beaver hide, which Jack thought was a small bear hide, and he kept it by his bed for a very long time,” says Nickens. “He called Dale ‘Bear Man’ after that. That’s a very small example of the very large number of times, and the very meaningful ways, Dale Mosteller made sure to personalize his conservation work, building a network of deep relationships with people he worked with for decades.”

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