NCWF’s GoU Connects Kids to Nature

GoU - NCWF’s GoU Connects Kids to Nature

During spring and summer of 2016, our Great Outdoors University (GoU) program provided nearly 12,000 kids and families with outdoor experiences. Check out our summer gallery! And stayed tuned to all the great GoU activities throughout fall and winter, including the launch of our GoU Junior Naturalist Club and early spring family fun days. For more information, visit or email [email protected].

Fishing and paddling are favorite GoU activities in the summer.

In our Trail Blazers program, participants discover adaptations living things use to survive. Kids participate in a variety of activities
including “The Hunter and the Hunted” and “Trail Blazing 101” as they explore the body parts, behaviors and body coverings critical to an animal’s survival.

Forked tongues, scaly skin, and out-of-this-world jaws our Super Snakes program investigates the fascinating world of reptiles.

In the Wildlife Detective program, kids search for clues as they explore tracks, scat, homes, animal markings and other wildlife signs in nature.

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