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Photo by: Steve Genkins

New Year, New Resolutions : The Why’s and How’s of Making an Estate Plan

January 19, 2023

New Year’s resolutions. Whether you love them or hate them, they are an opportunity for positive change. Sure, this can happen any time of the year, but developing a resolution…

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For the Love of the Black River : Experience A Paddling Trip In One of NC’s Oldest Forests

January 17, 2023

Imagine floating atop sun-dappled waters rippling in the summer breeze. Your paddle slices through the opaline surface of the water, pushing you beneath a curtain of overhanging branches, and –…

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A Scientific Look at Predator-Prey Relationships and Efforts to Reduce Red Wolf and Coyote Hybridization

January 16, 2023

by Dr. Liz Rutledge, director of wildlife resources, and Katerina Ramos, red wolf education and outreach coordinator Finding a mate can be challenging with a limited number of red wolves…

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Congress Passes Chronic Wasting Disease Research and Management Act

January 6, 2023

Crossing over into a new year, we look back on 2022 as one full of both challenges and victories for wildlife conservation. Among these victories is a crucial and monumental…

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Digging in the Dirt: December Chapter & Planting Highlights

December 22, 2022

December chapter and planting highlights North Carolina Wildlife Federation staff and Community Wildlife Chapter volunteers did a whole lot of planting, wildlife educating, bird watching, habitat restoring and more in…

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NCWF Members Invited to Watch Migratory Birds at Coastal Wildlife Refuge, Jan. 12

December 19, 2022

Not many people have the chance to experience the magnificent sights and sounds of migratory birds: The honking and nasally chatter of a flock of snow geese as they burst…

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White-tailed Deer: A North Carolina Conservation Success Story

December 15, 2022

Some call them the phantoms of the woods, noiseless silhouettes sleeking through old-growth forests and stately stands of pine. Others merely see them as the pesky neighbors who pillage our…

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Make the Most of Your Trips to Wildlife Refuges in North Carolina

December 14, 2022

National wildlife refuges are expansive public lands packed with fascinating, unique species and habitat types, but they can be challenging to navigate. Biologist Katerina Ramos, North Carolina Wildlife Federation Red…

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Red Wolf Center Welcomes Two New Residents 

December 7, 2022

Visitors to the Red Wolf Center on Pocosin Lakes National Wildlife Refuge will see a couple of new faces in the exhibit enclosure: 4-year-old red wolf brothers who were relocated…

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Dick Hamilton: Legendary and Consummate Champion for Wildlife

December 5, 2022
Dick Hamilton

Message from Tim Gestwicki, CEO Dick Hamilton was a lifelong wildlife and conservation giant who significantly impacted North Carolina’s landscape for over five decades. His recent passing from illness is…

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Digging in the Dirt: November Chapter & Planting Highlights

November 28, 2022

November chapter and planting highlights North Carolina Wildlife Federation staff and Community Wildlife Chapter volunteers did a whole lot of planting, kayaking, fundraising, hiking, bird watching, trash collecting and conservation…

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What a Haul! Over 45,000 Pounds of Trash Collected at 5th Annual Fontana Lake Cleanup

November 23, 2022

5th Annual Fontana Lake Cleanup Fontana Lake’s emerald waters and habitat-rich shoreline look even more pristine these days, thanks to the 150 volunteers who gathered at the remote area of…

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