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Photo by: Steve Genkins

Wildlife Feature: Opossums

July 27, 2021
A young Virginia opossum

The Virginia opossum (Didelphis virginiana) is a marsupial that is native to regions of North America, occurring from southern Canada through much of the United States and south into Mexico…

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Commission Set to Change Rules on Shrimp Trawling

July 21, 2021

The North Carolina Marine Fisheries Commission is expected to vote at its August meeting on a new amendment pertaining to shrimp trawling, but some critics say the Commission’s proposed changes…

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NCWF Weighs in on Shrimp Trawl Fishery Waste, Habitat Destruction

July 15, 2021

The North Carolina shrimp trawl fishery generates significant waste and habitat destruction, compromising the health of our coastal ecosystems. Data shows that shrimp trawls produce large amounts of bycatch and…

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NC Wildlife Federation Announces Winners of 57th Annual Governor’s Conservation Achievement Awards

July 14, 2021
Governors Achievement Award logo

A renowned sea turtle biologist, educator and policy expert. An advocate for waterfowl hunters and wetlands conservation. An attorney fighting for water quality and environmental justice issues. An organization centered…

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Southern Flounder Season

July 6, 2021
southern flounder

North Carolina’s Southern Flounder fishery has faced overfishing for more than three decades. After heightened public pressure to make this fishery more sustainable, the new regulations for the 2021 season…

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Wildlife Feature: Chuck-will’s-widows

June 30, 2021
chuck-will's-widow bird on the ground

The Chuck-will’s-widow, Antrostomus carolinensis, is a bird in the nightjar family that is found throughout the southeastern and mid-Atlantic regions of North America. These birds dwell in dry, open woodlands…

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Durham Commits to Mayor’s Monarch Pledge

June 28, 2021
monarch butterfly on coneflower

Durham Mayor Steve Schewel and the Bull City Trailblazers – a chapter of North Carolina Wildlife Federation – have signed the National Wildlife Federation’s Mayors’ Monarch Pledge, committing to take…

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Fisheries Feature and Action Alert: Atlantic Croaker and Spot

June 25, 2021
Atlantic croaker

Atlantic Croaker and Spot are popular and important North Carolina fisheries that are facing many challenges. Declining harvest, concerns related to stock status, and extraordinary bycatch in the North Carolina…

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NCWF Plants 120 Hickory Trees with the Eastern Band of Cherokee Indians

June 23, 2021
NCWF and Eastern Band of Cherokee Indians pose at planting event.

North Carolina Wildlife Federation (NCWF) is proud of our newest partnership with the Eastern Band of Cherokee Indians in Cherokee, North Carolina. Earlier this year, NCWF was introduced to David…

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Shrimp Trawling: Myths and Mismanagement

June 21, 2021

While some may question the direct effects of shrimp trawling on North Carolina fish species, there are undeniable facts showing alarming consequences. Shrimp trawl bycatch often meets or exceeds allowable…

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Habitat Enhancement and Environmental Education Reaps Rewards

June 17, 2021
Native Flower Bed in a Certified Wildlife Habitat

The need for habitat restoration and enhancement in North Carolina is a constant with population growth and rapid development of the state’s forested land. Gardening for wildlife in our backyards…

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At the Table for Conservation Action

June 16, 2021
Protection and Access of Public NC Lands

Being at the table is important for NCWF. That fact was underscored by a statement I overhead an elected official exclaim after we’d made a visit about conservation funding.“ If…

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