Day Trip Adventures

Great Outdoors University day trip adventures give kids a chance to connect with nature and make discoveries about the natural world in ways that encourage continued learning and stewardship.

To learn more about how to schedule a trip, contact Mary Bures, GoU program director, at 704-332-5696.

Here’s a sampling of the day trips GoU offers:

Great Outdoors University

A Hike on the Wild Side

Sharpen your focus and use your senses to explore the many wonders of the natural world that often go unnoticed.

Raptors Rock!

Explore the beautiful creatures who have powerful feet with sharp, curved talons used to capture their prey, a sharp, hooked beak for cutting meat and keen eyesight.

Beauty of the Night

Experience the world of nocturnal animals and their special adaptations as you walk under the moonlit sky and discover the beauty of the night.

Terrific Trees

Look high and low in cracks, cavities and on the bark, branches and leaves to uncover the secrets of the forest.

Stream Exploration

Put on your waders, get your dip nets and be prepared to get wet as you explore streams and life they support.

Bike & Hike

Hop on your bike then trek into the woods to observe the sights and sounds of nature and sharpen your focus on insects, beavers, birds, wild flowers and more.

Fantastic Fish

Cast into the amazing underwater world and explore some of the life it supports as you embark on a fishing adventure.

Habitat Quest

Discover what living things need to survive and what they look for when selecting a home and explore the habitats that animals call home.

Wildlife Detectives

Search for clues and explore the tracks, scat, homes, animal markings and other wildlife signs in nature.

Lake Dwellers

Paddle across still waters and hike along the shore as you join in an adventurous exploration of the lake ecosystem.

Animal Forensics

Sleuth your way through the woods to uncover hair, tracks, scat, bite marks to help you as you investigate and solve the mystery of the picnic basket invasion.


Discover some adaptations living things use to survive and explore many of the body parts, behaviors and body coverings critical to an animal’s survival.

Super Snakes!

Investigate the fascinating world of very important reptiles that have forked tongues, dry scaly skin and unique jaws

Environmental Challenge

Hone your communication, problem solving and teambuilding skills as you have fun working together to master a variety of environmental  themed low ropes challenges.

Botany Bonanza

Experience a Botany Bonanza as you explore the fascinating and marvelous diversity of plants that are vitally important for life and what they need to survive.

Farm to Table

Experience a delectably delicious and nutritious adventure on the farm and explore how various produce is grown.


Explore the most diverse and important animals on land – the marvelous world of insects and discover more about their characteristic traits, varied habitats, food sources and jobs.

Nature’s Energy

Get energized outside exploring Nature’s Energy looking up, down and all around as you discover many various sources of potential and kinetic energy.

Support the North Carolina Wildlife Federation

Gather your family and friends and plan your next outdoor adventure for one of North Carolina’s many unforgettable natural destinations. Help NCWF preserve wildlife and wild places for our children and future generations to come.