Digging in the Dirt: August Planting & Chapter Projects

NCWF and volunteers picked up and removed 1,100 pounds of trash from Charlotte’s Hidden Valley neighborhood.
NCWF and volunteers picked up and removed 1,100 pounds of trash from Charlotte’s Hidden Valley neighborhood.

August planting and chapter highlights

North Carolina Wildlife Federation staff and Community Wildlife Chapter volunteers did a whole lot of wildlife watching,  moonlight paddling, trash collecting and pond exploring in August to promote healthy wildlife habitat and get people outside. Conservation Coordinator Luke Bennett and Director of Conservation Partnerships Tara Moore share updates below. Explore our Events Calendar to find out where NCWF and our Wildlife Community Chapters are hosting in-person and virtual events near you.

Moth Night with Lenny Lampel, Aug. 1. NCWF joined Lenny Lampel at Reedy Creek Nature Preserve in Charlotte for a night filled with nighttime fliers and crawlers.


Girl Scout Presentation, Aug. 5. The Neuse River Hawks shared their pollinator and plant knowledge with a local Girl Scout Troop. Activities included making fruit feeders, picking pollinator plants to take home, spreading milkweed seeds, and reenacting the butterfly life cycle.


Hurley Park Tour, Aug. 6. Concord Wildlife Alliance and Triad Wild! joined together to lead a nature walk around the 18-acre Hurley Park in Salisbury. Sarina Dellinger, City of Salisbury Garden Manager, did a wonderful job highlighting the summer beauty around the park.


Hidden Valley Cleanup, Aug. 10. NCWF and volunteers met in the Hidden Valley neighborhood of Charlotte. The group picked up and removed a whopping 1,100 pounds of garbage!


Full Moon Paddle, Aug. 13. GetOutdoors and Triad Wild! partnered together to host an on-the-water exploration of Lake Jeanette under the full moon.


Mud Day, Aug. 20. NCWF hosted a table at the fourth annual Mud Day in Raleigh. Kids and parents learned about NCWF and pollinators while making seed balls filled with native seeds.


Native Plants for Birds and Butterflies, Aug. 23. NCWF and Island Wildlife led a hybrid presentation at the New Hanover County Arboretum. In-person and online attendees learned from wildlife and native plant enthusiast Charley Winterbauer.


Trash Cleanup at Chantilly Ecological Sanctuary, Aug. 26. NCWF and volunteers gathered to restore the beauty of a park located in the heart of East Charlotte. They removed 550 pounds of trash.


Where the Wildflowers Grow: Butterfly Walk, Aug. 27. Ranger Maggie led a group around Pilot Mountain State Park while identifying various native plants and butterflies along the way.


Eco Kids! Pond Exploration, Aug. 27. South Wake Conservationists met at the NC Museum of Art Park and set out on a pond exploration with a large group of curious kids. They found all sorts of critters, including backswimmers, water boatmen, damselfly and dragonfly larvae, whirligig beetles, water scorpions, giant water bugs, water striders, crayfish and snails.

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