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Photo by: Steve Genkins

Wildlife Feature: Chuck-will’s-widows

June 30, 2021
chuck-will's-widow bird on the ground

The Chuck-will’s-widow, Antrostomus carolinensis, is a bird in the nightjar family that is found throughout the southeastern and mid-Atlantic regions of North America. These birds dwell in dry, open woodlands…

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Fisheries Feature and Action Alert: Atlantic Croaker and Spot

June 25, 2021
Atlantic croaker

Atlantic Croaker and Spot are popular and important North Carolina fisheries that are facing many challenges. Declining harvest, concerns related to stock status, and extraordinary bycatch in the North Carolina…

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Shrimp Trawling: Myths and Mismanagement

June 21, 2021

While some may question the direct effects of shrimp trawling on North Carolina fish species, there are undeniable facts showing alarming consequences. Shrimp trawl bycatch often meets or exceeds allowable…

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Tragedy of the Commons: Shrimp Trawling

June 16, 2021
shrimp trawling boat

When a resource is owned by no one and it is fundamentally valued and needed by everyone, how can its protection be ensured? The tragedy of the commons illustrates a…

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Breakdown of Southern Flounder Management in North Carolina

June 7, 2021
southern flounder

The Southern Flounder is a crucial North Carolina fish stock, which unfortunately for all sectors, has been mismanaged for almost three decades. According to the “North Carolina Marine Commercial Finfish…

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Total Failure: Iconic Southern Flounder Fishery in Ruins

June 3, 2021
Mis-Mangement of Souther Flounder in North Carolina

North Carolina’s management of its Southern Flounder populations has failed. This iconic fish—beloved for its sporting properties on hook and line, and its classic appearance on fried seafood plates for…

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Wildlife Feature: Marbled Salamanders

May 20, 2021
Marbled Salamander

The southeastern United States has the largest concentration of salamanders in the world. North Carolina boasts the largest diversity in that region as home to more than 60 different salamander…

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Wildlife Species are at Risk of Extinction in NC. Here’s How We Can Save Them.

May 5, 2021
NC Species Facing Extinction

Since the pandemic began, North Carolinians have turned to nature for rejuvenation and recreation. This has given more North Carolinians than ever a firsthand look at our state’s remarkable ecological…

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North Carolina’s Marine Fisheries are Failing

May 5, 2021
North Carolina Marine Fisheries

Historically, North Carolina’s sounds and estuaries were highly productive nursery areas that provided vital habitat to juvenile fish before they mature and have an opportunity to spawn and reproduce which…

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Wildlife Feature: Evening Bats and Your Role in Bat Conservation

April 1, 2021

North Carolina is home to 17 species of bats, including the federally-endangered Virginia big-eared bat, Indiana bat and gray bat; and the federally-threatened northern long-eared bat. More common is the…

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