Hiking for Habitat: Day 17, April 8

Luke Bennett Day 17

April 8 (30 miles)

Cold night. Early morning oatmeal at Harmony Hall as the sun came up. 30 miles today to Roseboro. Long country roads traveled mostly by trucks loaded with pigs and chickens. A smelly slap in the face every time one whizzed by. Hiked through Sugg’s Mill Game Land and walked 2 miles in the wrong direction. I guess that’s what I deserve for skipping 7 miles yesterday. Met a bearded MST hiker named Marshall, who was heading eastbound. We chatted for a while, sharing stories (mostly poop stories) from the Appalachian Trail. HUGE thanks to the folks at Beaver Dam Fire Dept for chasing me down and taking me out to dinner in Roseboro. After dinner, they insisted I spend the night at the station. The station immediately felt like home. I showered, cleaned my clothes, ate chocolate cake, then fell asleep in a warm room. Genuinely kind and generous people at Beaver Dam Fire Department. It is a must-stop for anyone hiking the MST.

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