Hiking for Habitat: Day 18, April 9

Luke Bennett Day 18

April 9 (28 miles)

Breakfast is not taken lightly at Beaver Dam. Bacon, eggs, toast, grits, muffins and plenty of coffee. I felt like a new man after being dropped off in Roseboro to continue the hike. 28 miles today to Van Crossroads Fire Dept. More long country roads and more friendly pit bulls. People are outside today. Everyone waved as I walked by. Some offered water, others offered food, and most just smiled and wished me safe travels. Maybe I’m going crazy, but I think I noticed some slight inclines and declines today for the first time. North Carolina is larger than I expected. The majority of the day included farmland to my left and right, a narrow road in front, and wide-open sky above. I’m beginning to appreciate how traveling by foot makes you feel small and forces you to look around and notice the little things. Chief Mark Williams at Van Crossroads Fire Department was more than happy to let me crash on their couch.

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