Historic Legislation Passes Congress

Sweeping land conservation package is adopted

An historic vote occurred in the United States Congress this week as Senate bill 47 was adopted by a wide margin. The legislation provides a sweeping public lands conservation package including permanent re-authorization of the landmark Land and Water Conservation Fund (LWCF). North Carolina Senator Richard Burr tirelessly championed LWCF for North Carolina and the Country. Burr stated, “this program has been a priority of mine for years. Renewing this program permanently gives federal, state, and local bodies the certainty they need to carry out their conservation mission. And LWCF is, without a doubt, the most important tool in their toolbox.”

In addition to permanent re-authorization of LWCF, S. 47 also expands access for hunting, fishing and recreational shooting on federal public lands, recruiting and retaining more hunter-conservationists, allowing the transport of archery equipment through national parks, and protects hundreds of miles of waterways and thousands of acres of public lands.

The bill passed the Senate 92-8 last week setting up Tuesday night’s historic vote in favor 383-62.

The North Carolina Wildlife Federation hailed the passage of the Natural Resource Management Act. “This historic vote is the culmination of lengthy bipartisan negotiations showing that conservation can bridge the divide in D.C.,” says Tim Gestwicki, chief executive officer for NCWF. “We applaud the members of Congress who worked so diligently in order that Americans may reap the benefits of their resolve to protect public lands and waterways.”

Here’s how the North Carolina Congressional delegation voted:

Senate– yeas Burr and Tillis


Adams                        Y
Budd                           N
Butterfield                  Y
Foxx                           Y
Holding                      N
Hudson                       Y
McHenry                    Y
Meadows                    N
Price                           Y
Rouzer                        Y
Walker                        N

More about LWCF:  As the nation’s oldest and most successful outdoor recreation and conservation program, LWCF has the support of outdoor businesses, recreationists, sportsmen and women, veterans, private landowners and park advocates. LWCF has a 54-year track record of success that touches every state and nearly every county in America. LWCF has funded everything from national parks and access to public lands to supporting local parks, playgrounds and trails. LWCF uses fees from offshore oil and gas revenues — at no cost to taxpayers — to invest in urban parks, walking and biking trails, wildlife habitat, historic sites, national parks and other open spaces.

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