Osprey Conservation Program

About the Program

For more than a decade, NCWF has worked with local NCWF affiliate chapters like Lake Norman Wildlife Conservationists and Gaston County PAWS to protect crucial habitats for aquatic life through community education and habitat enhancement programs, like the osprey nesting platform that appears on the NCWF Live Stream Nest Cam, below. To date, more than 7 dozen platforms have been installed, providing homes for ospreys and their broods.

Protective measures, such as the ban of chemicals like DDT that compromised the reproductive success of many water-dependent birds in the past and the installation of nesting platforms in safe areas have allowed osprey populations to rebound.

The osprey family that inhabits the nest on our live stream cam returns each spring to lay eggs and tend the brood. The ospreys continue using the nest as a home in the fall before migrating to warmer climes for the winter, though they spend less time there since there are no eggs or baby birds to keep warm.

Your Support Keeps Osprey Conservation Soaring!

Osprey Web Cam

The live feed is best viewed using the Chrome browser.

Why are nesting platforms important?

Ospreys return to the same nest each year, and unfortunately any high-reaching post will do. Utility poles and industrial lights often become sites for Osprey nests, making the flight in and out of the nest dangerous for the adult birds, putting the young Ospreys at risk, and interfering with routine maintenance on these poles. The good news is that Ospreys typically return to the same nest every year, so the installation of nesting platforms in proximity to the more-risky poles is successful in keeping the Ospreys safe and the populations rising.

Your support for osprey conservation is making a huge difference.

Your gift of $50-$250 funds routine checks to keep existing platforms in good repair, site survey trips and vetting new nesting platform sites.


Your gift of $10-50 provides supplies for repairs and community education programs on conservation of habitats for Ospreys and other North Carolina wildlife.

Your gift of $500-$2000 offsets the costs of the live stream hardware and technology, and EarthCam streaming fees.


Your gift of $2000 or more supports the construction and installation of new nest platforms by barge.


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