Hiking for Habitat, Day 11

Luke Bennett Day 11

April 2 (24 miles)

I woke up early, chugged a cup of coffee and made it out the door before 7. Twenty-four-ish miles today from a cheap motel on Jacksonville’s edge to Dixon High School. I quietly walked through Lejeune Memorial Gardens, a tribute to men and women who have served in the United States Military. It was a solemn experience to see the faces and read the names of soldiers who had died in combat, many of whom were my age. I felt incredibly privileged to have the time and the freedom to walk across the state. The town of Jacksonville was still asleep while I strolled through the downtown streets. Slow and steady, I walked on roads passing wide open fields, torn down barns, and rusted junkyards. All while sucking in pollen and soaking up relentless sunshine. My diet has been reduced to sugary gas station snacks. By 4 p.m.I reached Dixon High School, where my uncle was waiting to pick me up. We made the hour trip to my parents’ house at Oak Island. No way I was missing the Duke-UNC Final Four game tonight. All is well.

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