We’re All Abuzz for National Pollinator Week, June 20-26

National Pollinator Week

It’s National Pollinator Week (June 20-26), and North Carolina Wildlife Federation is celebrating birds, bees, bats, butterflies, hoverflies, moths, beetles and other species integral to the biodiversity of our ecosystems.

“Pollinators play a vital role in ecological services and food production. We rely on them for many fruits, vegetables and nuts – about a third of every bite we eat,” said Tara Moore, director of conservation partnerships. “We have pollinators to thank for the apples, blueberries, chocolate, coffee, melons, peaches, potatoes, pumpkins, vanilla and almonds we eat.”

But the perils pollinators face are no secret. Scientists have documented a decline in native bees and migrating species such as monarch butterflies for years. Habitat loss from development is the primary cause, followed by pesticide and fungicide use, climate change, and parasites and diseases.

Much of N.C. Wildlife Federation’s work is centered around helping create a network of native flowering plants to support butterflies, bees, birds and other pollen and nectar-dependent wildlife through habitat restoration programs and events. 

Added Moore, “National Pollinator Week is a perfect time to raise pollinator awareness, support pollinator health, restore pollinator habitats and spread the word about how we can protect them.”

National Pollinator Week online and in-person events

1-2 p.m. June 21 (online): Join Dr. Elsa Youngsteadt, assistant professor at North Carolina State University, to chat about carpenter bees. Learn more and register.

10 a.m. to noon, June 22 (in-person): Nature Walk at DeHart Botanical Gardens in Louisburg with Neuse River Hawks, an NCWF community wildlife chapter. Learn more and register.

1-2 p.m. June 22 (online): Join John Gerwin, research curator (ornithology) and educator (nature-ology) with the NC Museum of Natural Sciences, as he discusses butterflies and moths in North Carolina. Learn more and register.

6-8 p.m. June 22 (in person): Join Luna Creative and NCWF’s Island Wildlife Chapter at Panacea Brewing for a free and family-friendly drink and draw session on backyard pollinators. Learn more and register.

1-2 p.m. June 23 (online): Join Lenny Lampel, natural resources supervisor with the Mecklenburg County Park and Recreation’s Division of Nature Preserves and Natural Resources, as he discusses the fascinating world of beneficial insects. Learn more and register

6 ways to show North Carolina’s pollinators some love

  1. Purchase a packet of our native pollinator seed mix, which provides several native flowering plants, including milkweed, black-eyed Susan and coneflower. 
  2. Order a Butterfly Highway sign to show your commitment to protecting pollinators and providing a safe haven for butterflies, bees and more. 
  3. Register your yard as a Pollinator Pitstop and commit to providing a safe place for pollinators to thrive in both adult and early stages. 
  4. Support the Butterfly Highway with a tax-deductible gift to help expand pollinator habitat throughout North Carolina through on-the-ground restoration projects.
  5. Sign up for The Butterfly Highway newsletter for the buzz on pollinators and native plants for your yard, where to buy them, and what’s flying and blooming in North Carolina.
  6. Make a beeline to the Pollinators & Insects section of our online library of wildlife and habitat webinars and explore these topics and more:

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