Ecological Forestry Webinar

Online/Virtual Event

Ecological Forestry inherently recognizes the ecological, social, and economic values of our forests. It strives to maintain and enhance the fundamental capacity and integrity of the complex forest ecosystem. Ecological Forestry is implemented based on four principles: mimic natural processes; increase structural complexity; improve biological diversity; and retain some large high-quality trees. We'll also explore…

Bass Lake Park Shade Garden Installation

Bass Lake Park 900 Bass Lake Rd, Holly Springs, NC

South Wake Conservationists is working with Bass Lake Park in Holly Springs to restore and transform a site into a Native Shade Plant Demonstration Garden. Many people in the area would love to establish pollinator gardens in their yards, but feel restricted by dense tree cover and limited sunlight. This demonstration garden is specifically designed…

Eco Kids Nature Hike at Hemlock Bluffs

Raleigh, NC Raleigh, NC

This hike will explore the park’s unique features, where the tall, north-facing bluffs of Swift Creek provide conditions similar enough to the mountains to have allowed the plant communities to have survived there since the last ice age. Families are invited to bring kids of all ages, and they will be challenged to discover plants,…

Art Park Tree Planting in Raleigh

Raleigh, NC Raleigh, NC

Please join the South Wake Conservationists on Friday morning, November 19, 2021 at the NC Museum of Art Park as we plant trees at this beautiful location! We will meet at 9:00 a.m. at the plaza between the East and West Buildings. We will conclude at 11:30 a.m. A map of the park is shown…

Carolina Tiger Rescue Tour

Pittsboro, NC

On a tour led by trained volunteer tour guides, you'll take a half-mile walk through the Carolina Tiger sanctuary and be within 6 feet of beautiful small cats such as tigers, lions, caracals, and cougars. Your tour guides will introduce you to each animal you see along the way and share with you their individual…

Conservation Policy Update: Prioritizing Wildlife and Habitat

Online/Virtual Event

This is a tremendous time in wildlife conservation policy. All levels of government are implementing legislation that is critical to the future of habitat, wildlife and conservation. Join SWC and Manley Fuller, North Carolina Wildlife Federation Vice President of Conservation Policy for updates on critical legislative developments. Manley will offer suggestions on how to get…

The Ever-Increasing Need for Urban Forests

Online/Virtual Event

SWC hosts urban forestry specialist Jennifer Rall for a discussion of the growing popularity and importance of urban forests! Worldwide, more people and wildlife are moving to the cities. Let's learn how “city forests” are critical to the health and well-being of all city dwellers and how such forests are helping us combat climate change.…

Nature Walk at Yates Mill Park

Yates Mill Park 4620 Lake Wheeler Road, Ralelgh, NC

Do you enjoy beautiful nature walks in cooler weather? If so, we hope you can join us at scenic Yates Mill County Park! We will meet at the main parking lot at 1:00 p.m. and then walk approximately 4 miles through a beautiful patch of woods, along several lakeside boardwalks and a small waterfall! Winter…

Pruning Party in Raleigh

Raleigh, NC Raleigh, NC

Join NCWF's South Wake Conservationists chapter members and other volunteers for a fun and productive outdoor pruning party at Millbrook Magnet Elementary School, 1520 East Millbrook Rd., Raleigh. We will be working in the school's pollinator gardens cutting back dead growth, dead-heading, weeding and preparing the gardens for spring. The school will provide tools and…

Birdwatch for Bald Eagles (new date)

Jordan Lake Dam 2060 Jordan Dam Rd., Moncure, NC

This event was originally scheduled for January 13th, but was postponed due to weather. Join NCWF's South Wake Conservationists chapter for an eagle spotting trip at the Jordan Lake Dam, 2060 Jordan Dam Rd, Moncure, NC, on January 23, 2022. Jordan Lake is home to a large number of permanent resident eagle pairs and in…

Eco Kids: All About the American Black Bear

Bass Lake Park 900 Bass Lake Rd, Holly Springs, NC

SWC is excited to offer a very special event in their Eco Kids series for kids of all ages about the American black bear. This fun, interactive show will be led by our own Cassia Rivera, who has been studying black bears in eastern North Carolina for over 5 years and is actively engaged in…

Nature Hike at Umstead State Park

Umstead State Park Raleigh, NC

Please join the South Wake Conservationists (SWC) for an enjoyable nature walk in the woods! We will be walking the 3 mile Sal's Branch Trail at Umstead State Park. Participants may expect modest inclines. We will visit a pollinator garden that was created by the SWC chapter and take in the view of the park's…

Native Pollinator Garden Planting

Raleigh, NC Raleigh, NC

The South Wake Conservationists chapter of NCWF invites you to help the chapter create another schoolyard pollinator garden! We will be planting shade-tolerant plants at Bridges Elementary and Mt. Vernon Middle Schools, located at 5418 Chapel Hill Road, Raleigh, NC. The schools are next to each other. Please bring water and gloves. Tools will be…

Open Source Growing: Project Pando

Online/Virtual Event

The chapter hosts a discussion with Emmanuel Brown, Director of Project Pando, a volunteer-driven tree nursery that sustainably grows native trees to give to the public for free. This nursery will be an open- source blueprint that can be replicated by anybody nearly anywhere for minimal costs (goal: zero cost) using only volunteer labor. This open…

Lillington Litter Sweep

Lillington, NC

Join the South Wake Conservationists chapter for a litter sweep in Lillington, NC! We will meet at 4503 Ross Rd. in Lillington and then carpool approximately 2 miles to the sweep location.. Please bring water, sturdy footwear, and wear season and event appropriate clothing. The chapter will provide trash bags, trash grabbers and safety vests,…

Earthshare and SWC Native Planting at Yates Mill Pond Park

Yates Mill Park 4620 Lake Wheeler Road, Ralelgh, NC

The South Wake Conservationists chapter of NCWF will team up with a corporate group through Earthshare to plant native plants at the historic Yates Mill county park in Raleigh, NC. The two groups will be adding native plants to existing pollinator gardens as well as adding additional native plants to other areas on the property.

Yates Mill Pond Earthshare Event

Yates Mill Park 4620 Lake Wheeler Road, Ralelgh, NC

The South Wake Conservationists chapter will be teaming up with a corporate group through Earthshare to plant several native plants at the Historic Yates Mill County Park in Raleigh, NC. The two groups will be adding native plants provided by NCWF to existing pollinator gardens and other areas on the property. This is a private…

Kids in Nature Day at Williamson Preserve

Williamson Preserve 4409 Mial Plantation Road, Raleigh, NC

South Wake Conservationists(SWC) will be hosting a Kids in Nature Day at Triangle Land Conservancy's Williamson Preserve in Raleigh. The event will include a number of fun and educational nature-related games and activities, along with the participation of an award-winning art teacher who will set up a craft table. The North Carolina Museum of Natural…

Amazing Amphibians of North Carolina

Online/Virtual Event

Amphibians have proven to be accurate indicators of ecosystem health. Join the South Wake Conservationists chapter of NCWF in learning about North Carolina’s frogs, toads and salamanders, the threats facing them and actions being taken to conserve them. Let’s see how our state’s ecosystems are faring! REGISTER HERE!

Herpetology Walk with Alvin Braswell

Harris Lake County Park 2112 County Park Drive, New Hill, NC

South Wake Conservationists chapter of NCWF invites you to come along as they look for reptiles and amphibians at Harris Lake County Park! The walk will be led by Alvin Braswell, who is retired from the N. C. State Museum of Natural Sciences, where he spent over 40 years in various curatorial roles with reptiles,…