Hiking for Habitat, Day 9, March 31

Luke Bennett Day 9

March 31 (22 miles)

22 miles today from Havelock to Peletier. Before starting the hike, I loaded up on dark chocolate, fruit, and sandwiches from Food Lion. I walked on a busy highway for a few hours, but I don’t really notice the cars anymore, thanks to my headphones and a stack of audiobooks. As I walked into downtown Newport three pit bulls jumped out of a car and ran like hell towards me; fortunately, they were friendly. Downtown Newport was an old-fashioned coastal town with lots of seafood and barbecue. I took lunch at the Newport Barracks Civil War Memorial Park, learning about the town’s local history with the company of a finely topped sandwich. I hiked over railroad tracks and along more roads until the trail traversed a stretch of forest roads in Croatan National Forest. I breathed in the salty air and shuffled my feet through the sandy terrain among the towering longleaf pines. Heading out of the forest, I walked through farmland and got up close to a few horses. Storms were brewing, but fortunately, my uncle picked me up again and took me back to his house for another good night of rest. It was a huge help for my aunt and uncle to take me in for a few nights, especially on a stormy night. Fed, rested, clean, and dry. Ready for more walking tomorrow.

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