Hiking for Habitat: Day 26-27, April 17-18

Luke Bennett Days 26-27

April 17 (23 miles)

After a breakfast of bacon, eggs, and fruit, the Huffs dropped me off on the trail. 23 miles today from the golf course to Red Slide Park on the east side of Burlington. I finished up the last stretch on the Eno River, hiked through downtown Hillsborough and Mebane, and eventually reached the Haw River. Mary picked me up again and took me out for BBQ and beers in Hillsborough. I can’t thank her enough for helping me out yet again and proving – once and for all – that the MST has the best trail angels.

April 18 (23 miles)

23 miles today from Red Slide Park to Northeast Park in Guilford County. A nice hike today despite the cold rain. Not many pictures because I was afraid to get my phone wet. Hiked along a soaked trail with a view of the Haw River and then through a historic mill village with restored homes. After a couple of hours of hiking in the rain, I took refuge at a golf course pro shop. Chris, another trail angel, picked me up in the evening and gave me a much-needed place to rest. Officially a spoiled hiker.

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